My name is Indigo Wolfe. I thoroughly enjoy art, theatre, booze, sex with my boyfriend and sex toys! I wanted to create a funny review website for all of the things I love and more. I’m a switchy, demisexual, gender-fluid pup. I enjoy thuddy impact a bit more than stingy impact, g-spot stimulation, and teeth.

This is really just for fun, so if updates dwindle, I apologize, but I really do not plan on making money off of this. If you don’t like my website, please don’t visit it. I’m an adult now, and I don’t need you.

However, if you DO like me (and I actually hope you do), please feel free to visit me on Twitter!

You could also email me directly at indigowolfeadult@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I do have affiliates with a few online stores. I would like to link my readers to somewhere trust-worthy for their toys. If you follow the links I place in reviews, I get a commission. It’s not enough to live off of or even host my own domain. However, regardless of this affiliation, I want to stay unbiased about toys I review. As a result, I do not plan on ever affiliating with toy brands, but only shops who sell many brands.

Exceptions to this rule will include brands who are not sold through retailers. Some sell only on Etsy, and I still want to work with these great toys!